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Premiere Pro on Windows To Support OpenCL

In a good piece of news for those who work with Adobe’s Premiere Pro the company has just released a press release announcing that they have collaborated with AMD to bring support for the open standard to Windows with the software’s next version.

This is a boost for Windows based video editing because OpenCL allows for hardware-accelerated video editing. The support comes to a wider range of AMD GPUs and APUs. Real-time editing has just gotten a lot better for professionals who favor AMD over nVidia but still wanted hardware-accelerated editing to maximize their hardware and workflow.

Look for a lot more enhancements to be announced by Adobe next week at NAB. Adobe also is hosting their Adobe Max conference May 4-8 in Los Angeles, California. Adobe Creative Cloud members will have first access to whatever updates and enhancements come to the creative suite.

If you’d like to a sneak peek at some of the enhancements Adobe has planned you can check them out here: NAB Reveal

Source: Engadget via AMD