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Increase the Size of Your Screen (no Scrollbars)

The more I played around with Sensor Scroll on my Fuze (which activates the scroll wheel around the dpad in all applications where there’s a vertical scroll bar) the more I realized that I don’t need a vertical scroll bar on the screen, especially when you consider that we also have Touch Flo at our disposal (you know, the ability to swipe or flick the screen up and down). The big payoff is that there’s more screen but once you make the change you really notice that the screen feels bigger since your emails now take up the entire screen and whenever I can get more VGA goodness I’m in.

The change is simple. If you have a Diamond or Touch Pro you can use the Advanced Configuration Tool (it’s under user interface) and just set the vertical scrollbar width to zero. Of course, if you’re using another PPC (you may even have an actual scroll wheel giving you more reason to get rid of the scroll bar) you can manually change your registry. The key is HKLMSystemGWEcxVScr = 0

By the way once you do this there’s still a faint set of three lines about 3 pixels wide and a total of 1/8" high that still appear to show you where on the page you are.