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AT&T Getting Motorola Atrix HD Without the “3”

A week ago we were talking about Motorola releasing the Atrix 3 heading to AT&T. The Atrix line, which is basically the Droid RAZR rebranded from Verizon to fit in with AT&T’s Android lineup. So while we were looking for the third version to launch this month, it looks like AT&T will be losing the “3” and calling it the HD because of the 4.5″ HD LCD display with ColorBoost screen it will have. The HD will have an upgraded 1.5 dual core processor and a downgraded 8 megapixel rear shooter and a 1.3mp front. With a part number MB886 that showed up on Motorola’s website it looks like this won’t have all of Moto’s high end specs, but nothing to take for granted either. Generally Moto uses 900 series numbers for flagship devices.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted with more.