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AT&T is serious about 4G and have shirts to prove it!

You know a company is serious about a product or service launch when they make T-Shirts! One of our moles reported that AT&T was handing out T-Shirts to employees and it looks like the Death Star has changed up the logo from the original 3G with flames that we so loved flashing across our device screens during start up and power down.

Now, instead straight edged 3G script the logo is a lot more rounded with flames that look like they were copied off of an old 1957 Chevy. I am not really sure how much I like the logo or not or even if this is a permanent AT&T 4G logo. The one thing we do like is that 4G is coming and so are the devices!

The back side of the shirt has the “Rethink Possible” next to the all too familiar picture of the AT&T Globe Icon. So like I was saying, not is 4G rolling out, but so is the 4G capable devices like the HTC Inspire. Our friendly mole had a chance to play with one and said that this is not a device to overlook:

“I’ve been playing with the inspire and I’m very impressed with it. Super nice device. Very very smooth. The camera is amazing. Super clear and very quick focusing with no blurring images. I was even thinking about picking it up.  I tested the speeds today and I was getting faster speeds then what I normally experience. Faster than the iPhone and Samsung Captivate. Anybody who buys this phone for 99 is money well spent.”

So all you waiting on the ATRIX 4G, it looks like you might have a second alternative to consider. I will be  the first to admit that I was all about the ATRIX 4G. But after getting the pricing on the companion accessories, I have lost some interest. And as we all know too well about AT&T, there is no telling when the 1080p video recording function update will roll out.

Get ready people, 4G is coming, or at least the T-Shirts are.

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