So I just went and paid my bill via the AT&T website as I normally do, my bill doesn’t change as I’m sure most people’s don’t, so I know what to expect every month. I was looking at it and was rather stunned by what I saw, according to AT&T, $69.99 + $5.22 + $4.15 equals $164.41?! What kind of math are they using? Here’s a screen capture:

How do they come up with that total? I looked around and could not figure it out at all, the ‘pay now’ was correct and not that total, but yet they have $164.41 under total charges ?!

I just thought it was rather funny and worth sharing.. anyone else notice this on their account?


  1. Click on expand and it will give you a listing of all the devices on your account and the charges associated with them.

  2. only one device on my account, and expanding it doesn’t do anything but tell you how they got the individual totals which is show there anyway…

  3. Then perhaps you should make a trip to your local store. I pay $ 200.00 per month with 4 phones two unlimited data accounts and unimited texting on all of my devices.

  4. So it should have said $79.36? Did you have a remaining balance of $85.05 not shown here, but added in? Or is that just a typo, as you said the “pay now” balance was correct? Fun, must have been a shock to see. Peace

  5. I have no clue what my bill is as I have it set to auto pay, but if memory serves me correctly, it’s $140-150 for my two unlimited data iPhone lines and my iPad 2.

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