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“LouzeBerry 6.5” A Raphael ROM for all to Enjoy…

Several weeks ago we posted about “What’s Your Favorite Fuzeberry Flavor” that presented everyone with a fine list of FuzeBerry ROM’s. Well that list keeps on growing….

From the kitchen of Wordsmith9091 over at XDA, we present “LouzeBerry 6.5” another well done Raphael ROM for all to enjoy.

Getting to know this ROM:
* 6.5 Build 21500 (cooked with Da_G’s Test 2 with only minor modifications)
* TF3D STANDARD with the FuzeBerry theme (turned off by default in favor of the new 6.5 Titanium interface; you can switch it in the Today settings).
* FuzeBerry for the 6.5 Titanium interface.
* Rhodium menu enhancement and Tachi-style notifications.
* The HTC Dialer -is- installed. There is a known conflict between the HTC Dialer and the lock screen in this version of WM6.5. See Da_G’s kitchen thread for more on that. You should either decline to use the lock screen, or get one of the tweaking utilities and disable the HTC Dialer. I don’t use the lock screen, so I’m keeping the dialer installed.
* HTC Album 2.5, with the social networking uploaders. I’m not crazy about the new behaviors 3.0, or about the fact that the uploaders aren’t currently included in that version.
* Opera 9.5 15613, Advanced Config, Google Maps, Titanium Customizer, Total Commander, Weathermaster, (all uninstallable)
* Keyboard configured for the Fuze. If you have a regular Touch Pro, there are cabs on xda that will switch to that layout for you.
* Available with and without HTC keyboards
* User Customization compatible



This ROM is currently for GSM Raphael devices.

Now head on over to XDA for more info and download this excellent ROM HERE and be sure to thank the Chef for his fine work.

For further instructions on Flashing a ROM, look no further than HERE