Forbes is reporting “AT&T store equipped with three or more “smartphone walls” will dedicate one wall to exhibiting WP7 phones.” They also note that MS and AT&T have given devices to employees of both sides to test the handsets and even though this is atypical for AT&T and for a big launch, it shows the partnership between the companies. like it or not, you’ll get a lot of Windows phone face time whenever you go into a store starting November 8.


  1. Guess AT&T is going to need to build a few more walls cause iPhone usually has about two (well maybe one plus the interactive kiosk), plus most of the center floor, which does not leave much room for the remaining platforms. Big change from WM though, where I usually had to walk the entire store and finally track down a Fuze or Tilt2, covered with dust and mixed in with a bunch of feature phones.

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