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Augmented Reality Is A Reality

I was just reading this posting started by str0nz0 of XDA discussing augmented reality and he points to a neat application. Essentially what it does is you point your phone at a preset picture that’s just a template and when the camera from your phone sees that template then on your phone you will see three animals in 3D and the view of the animals changes in 3D based on where your camera is pointing to the template. Was that confusing? It’s hard to explain cause it’s…well augmented reality:) Maybe you can get a better sense from the photo.

If you want to give it a try download the application from here and then open this link on your computer screen.  When you run the application on your phone just point your phone at your computer screen and the animals will appear on your phone only. You could also print the image so you don’t need a computer screen in front of you:)

The real practical purpose for these types of applications are also shown off on this website where you can take virtual tours in a museum for example.  It’s pretty trippy stuff and neat to show off. Good find guys.