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Award winning space defense game Smashing Planets available for Windows Phones

Winning an award is always a positive sign but watching the footage on this tower space defense game really sold me. Just check this out:

Pretty sick. It’s just $1 and there’s a free trial. Here’s the full description:

*** Winner of the Italian ‘Global Game Jam’ (GGJ) 2011 *** Defend the Earth against the evil alien invaders in an all new inter-stellar space-shooter! The survival of the planet is at stake – stop the alien invasion by shooting down your attackers! The way you do this is simple – you launch missiles from Earth by drawing their path through space (using the touch screen). Aim for the invaders who attack using different spaceships, weapons and tactics. But act fast before the alien hordes overwhelm you and destroy the planet!

Features: • 16+ levels of mayhem • Crazy characters and plot • Intuitive ‘touch screen’ controls • Multiple / different weapons • Boss enemies • Comic book presentation

What the humans are saying: “You listen up, these ‘aint no ordinary aliens we’re dealing with – these are evil, purple, human-hating meanies! But they sure ain’t counting on us fighting back…and that’s where YOU come in. Get on out there and whoop their behinds!!” Maj. Hazard, Earth Defence Squad. What the aliens are saying: “We come in peace…only joking, die you feeble human scum!!!” Frank, Alien Henchman #2