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Awesome Augmented Reality App ‘Funny Faces’ Hits WP7 Marketplace

This app is awesome. It uses Mango’s ability to use the camera in real time and face detection and then you can do all sorts of funny things. Like it will throw a mustache on any person it sees and it places it in the right location and resizes it too. It’s one of those apps that works really well and is really simple to use. I was privileged enough to be part of the beta testing on this one and every time I used it I was asked how to get the app. It’s fun and works great and is entirely entertaining. I mean, you can Chuck Norris people in real time. It’s great.

Let’s get to the official description:

Get a new dimension of what you see and how people look through your phone’s camera with real-time Augmented Reality. Save or share those moments directly on Facebook and Twitter. It’s fast, it’s easy and a ton of fun. Augmented Reality, the funny way. The app uses the phone’s camera to automatically detect faces which are overlaid in real-time with a funny mask, an afro, a mustache, a pacifier, shades, a space helmet, a hat or even the head of a monkey or Chuck Norris and more.

Everything is done in real-time only with the data from your phone’s camera. You can save a snapshot of the augmented scene to the phone’s pictures hub and send it via email or share it directly on Facebook and Twitter from within the app.

Funny Faces supports the landscape and portrait orientation. Funny Faces has a great user experience, is very responsive and let’s you focus on your fun. The trial version has a couple of overlays enabled and even the share and save functionality can be tested once.

We will provide more overlays and effects with subsequent updates. Please send us your suggestions and we are also happy to help you if you encounter problems. Please provide your feedback via the app’s integrated functionality since it’s not possible to reply to Marketplace reviews. Have fun! 🙂

As noted, there’s a free trial with some functionality or you can buy it for just $.99. I suggest you buy it now and start putting it to use. This is from the same developers as Pictures Lab and if that’s any indication you can expect a steady stream of updates that just keep getting better.

Check it out here.