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Awesome Sheep Is Pretty Awesome

imageJust tried the trial mode of Awesome Sheep for WP7 and I’m liking it. To put it in it simplest terms, it’s a modern day version of Lemmings…uhm without the lemmings of course but you get sheep that are just like lemmings. So you can control them and have them stop/start, jump, climb walls, ram and parachute. But it gets a modern touch. Pinch and zoom, scroll and some nice physics are involved so it really is a refresh on Lemmings and of course, the goal is to get the sheep to pasture here. The graphics are clean and smooth and overall it plays very well.

It’s a fun puzzler that’s free to try (the first three levels with the first level being a training level) and $3 to own. If you enjoyed Lemmings give this one a shot though.