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I’m Gearing Up For Cinco de Mayo With My Windows Phone

What better way to get in the Cinco de Mayo spirit than with some photo fun. I saw a new app in the Marketplace called Cinco De Mayo that’s free and let’s you add a sombrero and mustache to a photo and it’s got a theme Cinco de Mayo frame to match. But it reminded me of Funny Faces that can add a mustache and sombrero in real time using your camera and augmented reality and has results like…like Doug ready to celebrate. It’s available in a a free and paid version (I bought the paid version the first day it was available and still get a kick out of it) and you can do a bunch of effects beyond just Cinco de Mayo so check it out.

And while we’re at it may as well get your drink on and that has to be the one and only Cocktail Flow. ($3 but there’s a free trial – I also bought this one and love it). One of the prettiest and well put together apps on the platform and there’s liberal use of tequila. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check on my tequila supplies…