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Mobility Digest Review: Tmobile TP2 Bodyguardz Review

Most people do reviews on a product as soon as they get them or start using them but I decided to take a different approach and do a review of a Tmobile TP2 bodyguardz with the both views, as soon as I got it and after a few months of use. So lets start with my initial feelings and reactions during installation and right after installation.

FYI: Bodyguardz did not provide me with the this product or pay me in any other form  to write this review. I bought the product myself and decided to write a review on it.

Pre installation and Installation (Red= Con, Green=Pro)

  • Way too many individual pieces. I really wish they consolidated some of the pieces together. It would have made installation a lot more easier and accurate
  • Two full sets. Really good idea because I did not install the first screen protector properly and got some dirt under the screen.
  • Pieces were not cut exactly to the shape of the Tmobile Touch Pro 2. I did not install everything properly but even if I did there would have still been exposed areas of the phone which I think could have been covered if the pieces were cut to the right measurements.
  • The body guardz adds some much needed traction to the phone. Prior to installing body guardz the phone slipped out of my hands a few times when I was trying to open the keyboard but after installing the body guardz I have not had the problem
  • Too thick. As soon as I installed the protector I was disappointed at the thickness of the screen protector. The protector really affects the tactile feedback of the power button, volume buttons on the side and the 4 buttons on the bottom of the phone. The answer, power and end buttons as affected the most, I can barely feel the buttons being pressed and the home and back buttons have a little more movement but I was still disappointed.
  • It does not feel sticky or hard to maneuver on the screen when using the stylus. This might be because I was used to the bodyguardz from my fuze. However, compared to bare screen it is a little sticky and the stylus does not glide as easily but I assume you will have some change in the feel between having a screen protector and no screen protector. Eventually you will get used to it and it will not be a problem at all. Sensitivity is also not affected after installing the protector.

After few Months of Abuse:

  • Still too thick and lack of feedback when pressing the buttons gets annoying at times.
  • Some of the edges of the protector on the sides are peeling off. This might be just because of the abuse it goes through
  • Collection of dirt on the edges of side edges of the protectors and exposed part of the phone. (Just gets annoying and ugly to look it)
  • Good at standing up to abuse. Yesterday, I had my phone on the hood of my car as I was cleaning my car and after I was finished cleaning I went to back my car into the driveway. I forgot the phone was on the hood and drove out of my drive way and reversed my car on to the driveway and then I realized my phone was gone quickly looked for it and saw it on the street with the battery out and back cover off and a SUV just passed by and missed it by inches (PHEW!!! my heart stopped when I saw that SUV miss my phone by inches). I put my phone back together quickly and inspected the phone for scratches of damage and I do not see a single scratch or dent even on some of the exposed edges of the phone since it fell face down.

Taking pictures of the bodyguardz is hard. For one I do not have a great camera and two I do not have proper lighting equipment. I am sorry for the lack of photos but here is one decent photo I was able to get.

    Few other thoughts:

    It is really invisible. I have handed the phone to few of my friends and said I have a phone protector on there and they don’t even notice it. They give me a puzzled look and I tell them to look closer and then the realize it. Overall I like the protector and I would recommend it to other people but first I would like to try some other protectors like Invisible shield and few other protectors before I say that this is the best full body protector. If any of you have tried any other protectors or have a different view on bodyguardz let us know in the comments section below.