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What’s the Deal with the Nokia N9?!

trippy-trending-thingThe voraciously coveted and highly regarded Nokia N9 ships today, the timing defiantly coinciding with Microsoft’s Mango rollout. Who cares?

Global search interest in the past few weeks for the N9 and Windows Phone has been neck and neck, with N9 topping Windows Phone Mango tenfold both over the month and today in search.

The top ten regions searching for the N9 (relative to each other, not to their searching of Windows Phone) in descending order: Finland, Iraq, Pakistan, Malaysia, Ukraine, UAE, Thailand, Iran, Singapore, Vietnam.

Top ten regions looking up Windows Phone: Singapore, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Switzerland and Hungary.

Of those Windows Phone-searching cities, searches for Windows Phone only outnumbered searches for the N9 in half of the top ten — Germany, Austria, Taiwan, Japan and Switzerland, whereas all of the top ten N9 searching cities are searching for the N9 more than they are for Windows Phone.

Globally, searches over the last month for the Nokia N9 outnumber the HTC Titan four to one in the past month, outnumbering the HTC Radar thirteen to one and the Samsung Focus S a hundred to one with the Nokia Sea Ray being too far below one in a hundred to make the chart. Combining the weight of all those Windows Phones as well as Windows Phone Mango for good measure, recent searching for the Nokia N9, which does not run Windows Phone, is greater by more than double.

Yes, people use variant terms for all of these things so if you’d like to manipulate them in your own way and see what happens or mess with the timeline and regions, fire up Google Trends.

To get you started, if you were to take a look at the last thirty days of global searches for Apple, iPhone 5, Microsoft, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, well, … maybe you should avoid that one. But congrats on a solid rollout with good reviews. I’m watching the logs closely and you WP folk are migrating steadily.

Doug Simmons

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