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Nokia Lumia 920 Back in Stock on Amazon for $39.99!

I just thought I’d check Amazon this morning and came to see that the Nokia Lumia 920 is back in stock, in black, red and white colors! price for upgrade is $39.99 which is a lot better than the $99.99 that the AT&T website is asking! SO now is the time to go get one if you’re eligible for upgrade!



Here’s a link for you if you want one:


Sadly I’m broke right now which is my luck, the phone is now back in stock and I don’t have the cash for it. Why you might ask, well that flat tire I had on Friday can’t be patched so that means I have to get a new one. The problem there is that I have an all-wheel drive car and to keep it in warranty I’m not allowed to replace just one tire, I have to buy four brand new tires to stay in warranty. Yes that sucks, as I’ve only got 2,900 miles on the car. Technically it’s an SUV, so it actually has light truck tires on it, which of course means more expensive. The guy checked this morning and the treads are 8/32 and a brand new tire is 11/32 tread depth, so basically I have to throw away three perfectly good tires. Yes sure I guess I could sell them, but that’s a pain as I’d have to deal with Cragislist as that’s pretty much the only place I know where to sell them. I guess I could save one as a spare and then when the other tires get down to 8/32 I could swap them out. Ah whatever.. rant over…  go buy yourself a nice new phone and think of me when you’re playing with it.