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Windows Phone 8’s Galaxy S3 Variant On Par With Android Version

Yesterday’s Pocketnow’s Evan Blass posted on the apparent confirmation of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII coming to Verizon with a dual core CPU Snapdragon S4 chip instead of the global quad core CPU Exynos chip. If true its not a major letdown at all for Android users. You can’t exactly miss something you never had plus I’m sure the phone will come with much better GPU capabilities.

This does potentially bode well for Windows Phone perception as the scuttlebug is that the Apollo devices released in time for Windows Phone 8 this fall will be dual-core and LTE. This also means aside from a few quibbles the Windows Phone Variant of the Samsung GSIII will roughly be on par from a tech standpoint. That puts extra spotlight on the actual OS and not the hardware as fans of both camps should be able to get the popular devices.