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Best Buy changes iPhone 4S preorder procedure

I got a phone call from my local Best Buy guy and who informed me that they have changed the iPhone 4S presale policy. Last week, the presale did not guarantee you a iPhone 4S on launch day, but guaranteed you one after after that. I decided not to put down my deposit because I was planning on reporting live from Best Buy that morning and standing in line to make sure I got one. As it turns out, people that are in line the day of launch (October 14th) that have already place preorders will be handled prior to anyone in line that does not have a preorder. Sort of makes sense, but that was not the story I got from my Best Buy guy last week. He has told me today that they have modified or changed the policy to make sure that preorder customers get handled first who are also standing in line the day of launch. It will not be first come first serve as previously stated. Bottom line, make sure you have a preorder and stand in line. With over one million preorders taken, there is going to be heavy demand placed against the initial shipments from Apple.