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iPhone Controlled Heli by Griffin to land this Christmas

We have pushed the mobility mantle we wear on more than one occasion when it comes to remote controlled helicopters. Fact is, we love em’. (check here, here & here) Yeah we pushed the boundaries but today, we can safely write about our love for remote controlled heli’s because we have one that is due to be released this Christmas Season that will be controlled by your iPhone, iPod, or iPad! you will have your choice of two methods to pilot your heli and the first being a multi-touch display and the second will use the devices accelerometers which will require some tilting of the device to move forward, back, or side to side. Very cool!

You are going to need to attach what Griffin is calling a “flight deck controlled sled” that will provide the IR connection from your iOS device to the heli while sucking up power from 4 AAA batteries. The Heli itself bares very close resemblance to my current Jack Russell Terrier irritation weapon of choice and is very stable and fun to fly. No 3D tricks out of this heli but it does do a pretty good job for a $50 dollar purchase.


Check out the press release below and start dropping hints to the family for this iOS controlled heli to be on your wish list.

[via: engadget]

Griffin takes your iOS device to new heights with the Helo TC
Fly a remote controlled helicopter with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

14th July 2011, London, UK: Griffin Technology Inc., maker of innovations for everyday life, today announces the Helo TC, a touch-controlled helicopter that is operated by your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Part of Griffin’s latest range of AppPowered Accessories, the Helo TC app turns your iOS device into a remote for an indoor helicopter. Available to buy in time for Christmas, priced at £34.99.

The Helo TC is simple to operate; charge the helicopter from any computer or USB power source, before sliding your compatible iOS device into the included flight deck module. The flight deck transmits infrared signals to the helicopter giving you total flying control. There are two flight modes available, you can use the Multi-Touch display to control the Helo TC’s throttle and flight controlled joystick – the cyclic – or enable Helo TC’s Tilt-to-Fly, which uses the iOS device’s accelerometers,and tilt the device forward, back and side to side to control the helicopter’s flight.

The helicopter itself is built on a light weight metal frame with a black polycarbonate body. The twin rotor design is very easy to fly and gives a stable flight but just in case you get a little too over-zealous with your flying techniques; the Helo TC comes with replaceable main and tail rotor systems. And if you are interested in some night-flying the helicopter also has 5 super-bright LEDs. The Helo TC app can record and store up to 3 flight plans, perfect for launching flying-attacks on unsuspecting friends and family.

Product Spec
– Average flight time – approx. 8 minutes
– PolyLithium Fuel Cell – 3.7V @ 180 mAh
– Flight Deck Controller Sled powered by 4 AAA batteries
– Recommended for pilots aged 14 and up
– Suitable for use indoors only
– Helo TC app is a free download from the iTunes App Store; iOS 4.0 required.

Pricing and Availability
Priced at £34.99, the Helo TC will be available for the Christmas season.
For more information, visit

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