We all know that Microsoft released the Bing app for Apple iPhones a while back and which was a pretty good success. Today, Microsoft released the Bing for Mobile Android app for Verizon customers. Here are some of the highlights listed for the app.

The app homepage features the Bing image of the day, complete with clickable hotspots that you can explore and discover related trivia.

The image search feature that has endless scrolling results (Tip: this also works for any search result).

Our investment in voice search continues in our Android App a

nd works great for searches like map locations as well as web search.  This works especially well when looking for “Instant answers” which give you quick and relevant answers for things like movies, stock quotes, flight status and local listings.

You can now download the free Bing App from your Verizon Wireless Android phones’ Marketplace.

[Via ZDnet and Bing Community]


  1. Just 45 days after they said it was coming – that’s like 24 hour service in MS world ;) http://mobilitydigest.com/bing-coming-to-android/
    and apparently Bing is doing well in the iStore so I’ll be curious to see if Android gives it any traction. I presume since a vocie search goes straight to Goog and the turn by turn in Goog is already there, there’s not a ton of attraction to it aside from those that like Bing particularly

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