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Bing For WM Now Has Voice Turn-By-Turn Directions!

Wow this came from nowhere. Go ahead and update Bing and guess what? Turn by turn navigation for driving (or walking). It reads out street names and guides you just like you’d expect. I’ve gotten to the point of entering a location and it prompting me to start…but I’m in an office so I haven’t actually tried it in a real environment but it was speaking to me as expected. By the way, I’d expect this to come to WP7 in the same flavor. It’s the same coding in the background so I’d assume this will be live.

If you have Bing just turn it on and wait to be prompted for the update…be patient. Otherwise, here’s a direct download link you can use from your phone: 

Of course, you need a constant data connection for this but it’s free.

Great stuff. via PocketNow