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Bing + Fox + State of the Union = Real time polling

Seems that Microsoft has learned a thing or two about real time polling. They’ve used Xbox during the elections to get real time audience stats and they’re extending this to the PC and TV now. When you watch the State of the Union tonight  you can also participate in real time polling and Fox is going to be showing the results.

Tomorrow, in partnership with FOX News Channel and, we will launch the Bing Pulse, which will for the first time enable Americans to give real-time feedback on the President’s speech. The Bing Pulse will allow people to join the conversation by “voting” every five seconds on their reactions to the President’s speech. Real time results of the Bing Pulse will be shown at and on FOX News Channel. We think this will be the largest live online poll in history. is also unveiling its social sentiment tracker, the Bing Beat, which will analyze social sentiment on Twitter associated with the State of the Union, such as immigration, gun control, and the fiscal cliff.

They will be streaming the State of the Union there as well.

This is a neat convergence and use of a second screen. TV meets social meets web.

There are some great drinking games too, like this one. Always good to add booze to the social mix.

More details here.

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