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Verizon iPhone 4 Fewer Dropped Calls than AT&T iPhone 4

Finally there is a study on iPhone dropped calls and different networks. When AT&T was the only provider of the iPhone majority of the people blamed the phone for dropped calls but now with Verizon in the mix we can analyze how the phone does on a different network. According to a recent study from ChangeWave Research, Verizon iPhone users experienced a dropped call only 1.8% of the time whereas, AT&T iphone users experienced a dropped call 4.8% of the time over a 90 month period. Some people might argue that the CDMA and GSM networks are what is making the difference. Maybe the iPhone 4’s CDMA network structure is better than the GSM? Also another intersting point to note from the research was that AT&T overall as a company has twice as many dropped calls as any other network.

For the full research study here is the link: ChangeWave Research

What are your thoughts on this research or the results from the research?


[Via Change Wave Research]