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Birdsong Updated For WP7

Birdsong is actually my default Twitter app so I’m happy to hear that it’s just received a nice update:

v1.1 of Birdsong has just released. This delivers major performance and stability as well as a few new features such as run under lock screen, multi-language support and landscape mode.

Along with greater speed and stability v1.1 also brings:

  • Runs under lock screen.
  • Landscape mode is now supported throughout the application (bar a couple of places).
  • Multi-lingual support: English (United States), English (United Kingdom), German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The following major issues should now be resolved:

  • Tweeting certain special characters sometimes resulted in failure to send a tweet.
  • Retweeting a mention resulted in message entities no longer being highlighted.
  • Using Birdsong on some form of "guest wireless" which required sign-in via a web-form, caused an unexpected error.
  • Unable to scroll beyond the first few favorites.

Now we have a really stable platform we are working on delivering more advanced features such as multiple accounts, push notifications etc..

Check out v1.1 here. With v1.1 we’ve also taken steps to improve our support offering by opening a brand new Support Portal on which you can make (and vote on) feature requests, discuss ideas and issues with the Birdsong Community, and contact us for support. The new Support Portal is or you can email us here:

Run under lock is big because now you don’t need to have it ‘resume’ and you can let it download the days tweets with the screen off (before you opened the app but had to leave the screen on long enough to grab them all in one shot since it downloads all of your Tweets and not just the last 20). Great work guys. Keep it up!