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Audiophiles, be kind to your earholes.

I’ve been a little busy at school in my last semester before graduation, but I wanted to drop by and lay some info on you for your listening pleasure.  If, you are in fact like me, you play your Windows Phone music all over the place and about as loud as physically possible.  We all know that we, individually, have far greater musical taste than the masses and they should be educated on quality aural stimulation.  While I was trolling around in zune, hopelessly hoping for the fabled nodo update message, I realized that zune is bastardizing my sound quality.  The software defaults all audio quality to 128Kbps.  This includes ripped cds, transferred music, etc.  This is unacceptable, especially if you enjoy listening to your music through larger speaker systems, including home entertainment set ups, surround sound systems, or even a pretty banging car audio set up.  Now if you’re fm transmitting anything you just don’t even need to be reading this because you have destroyed any semblance of audio quality you had to begin with and your standards for audio entertainment rank somewhere between the latest Britney Spears album and someone forcefully cramming butter knives into your ear drums.  Now for the solution to your audio woes.

Open up your hand-dandy Zune program on your PC and hook up your WP device of choice, unless you have an LG, then you should hook it up to the nearest trash can and buy a real phone.  Select your phone’s silhouette at the bottom and click on sync options.  From here you should have some overly tiny text on the left hand side that describe all sorts of options.  The one you’re desperately searching for is “conversion settings”.  In this pane, look at the first setting.  By default your PC music is set to 256Kbps and device quality at a meager 128Kbps.  Neither one of these is going to give you the audio depth you’re going to be expecting from a nice system.  I’d recommend bumping up PC quality all the way to 320Kbps and I’ll let you figure out your own device quality.  Keep in mind this will make your average CD jump from around 50-60Mb to around 120Mb if you have it set at 320.  You’re also going to want to hop over into your software settings inside Zune as well.  From here you want to look into the “rip” menu and check your settings for ripping CDs.  This also defaults pretty low around 128Kbps.  Bump that baby up as far as your hard drives have capacity to hold.  Your ears will thank you.

Like I said though, this is for those of us that like to use substantially larger sound systems.  Your factory car radio does not count, even if it says Bose or some other speaker brand in your car.  This is going to make significant differences in systems that have been amped and larger home sound systems.  Even if you happen to have some bad ass PC speakers you can pick up on this difference.  Headphones do not count either, regardless of how much money you just transferred into Dr. Dre’s weed fund for those overpriced pieces of crap they’re hucking at unsuspecting parents of teenagers.

Doesn't that look like Ramon?