BlackBerry 10’s Answer To Siri Caught On Video

Yes, we are getting closer and closer to RIM’s official announcement of Blackberry 10 and all its anticipated awesomeness. Until then, we’re all stuck watching youtube videos of people much more lucky than ourselves, unless you speak German it seems. The focus of this nice bit of video is Blackberry 10’s voice features, it sure does resemble the fan favorite Siri in terms of design. Don’t let me judge for you, check it out and let us know what you think! Yay or Nay?


  1. Well, Microsoft research has found that voice control for phones is not much more than a novelty today, and I tend to agree with them. You need a quiet space to use it (try it in a noisy bar or restaurant). And if the space is quiet, like in a theater or plane, you probably wouldn’t be shouting questions or instructions into your phone.

    Might have some use in a car (with the music turned down and windows rolled up) or at the mall (if the background noise isn’t too bad and your friends can shut up for a minute). The reality is the best time to use voice control is when you are alone. And I spend enough time yelling at inanimate objects all day. Don’t need to have them talking back to me.

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