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Blackberry’s Newest Addition: the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

If anyone out there is rocking a BlackBerry Playbook, then I thought that this might be of some interest to you. It looks like BB is going to bring to market a Mini Keyboard for the Playbook for those who like the push button feel over the on screen keyboard.

A new addition to the BlackBerry products stable has recently been announced. The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, the latest accessory for the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet. Designed to be conveniently portable, it’s neat, robust case transforms into an angled stand for the tablet. It has a full QWERTY keyboard and fully integrated touchpad to allow easy, seamless operation between the keyboard and the touch screen on the actual tablet. When the keyboard is active, the virtual keyboard on the tablet will disappear, giving full screen space for user activities. Its design features make it similar to using touch controls on a laptop, for example using a single tap to simulate a mouse click. For security, the Mini Keyboard connects to the PlayBook tablet using Bluetooth technology    with 128-bit encryption. The integrated design of the Mini Keyboard uses the same micro-USB charger that the PlayBook tablet uses, meaning less fuss and bits to carry around. The battery itself provides up to 30 days of keyboard use.

Combining all the usual BlackBerry connectivity, the Mini Keyboard also works with their Contacts and Calendar apps, as well as their new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Messages app. For those who regularly need access to data on their Windows desktop pc, the Mini Keyboard can also be successfully used with apps like Citrix Receiver. This latest product looks set to become popular amongst the BlackBerry product user community. It has all the sleek and stylish looks that have become familiar to the brand, as well as having features which will add useful functionality to keep users happy. No European pricing is available yet, but the US price will be US$119.99. A release date has not so far been announced but, as BlackBerry is already inviting pre-orders for this product, this is likely to be within the next few months.

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