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Blackjack Metro – Solid Free Blackjack Game For WP7

If you enjoy blackjack then check out  Blackjack Metro from Smarty Pants Gaming. It’s ad based, so it’s free, and it has all of the features that blackjack has – doubling down, splitting cards, and even multi-hand play allowing up to 6 computer or human controlled hands on the table. The game always plays the Vegas/standard hand so you can use this as practice for the real deal. And it’s coded to match the Windows Phone/Metro design scheme. It also has a strategy card so you can look up what the statistical ‘right’ move is (which is great if you’re learning the basics). I’ve played  Blackjack Metro over the weekend and it’s great Smooth graphics, easy to pick up and play and it’s not missing anything. It’s also testament to the fact that people like free apps as it’s seeing over 6,000 ad impressions per day even though it’s a new app.

Here’s a video of it in action:

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