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Blownfuze Up For Grabs

So I made a couple sites about making your Windows phone suck less, and I’m not even going to bother hyperlinking them because I haven’t updated them in so long that the information is losing value fast. But they’re still trafficked pretty well, considering, and I feel bad about not having updated them — especially since some of my readers bought me the Tilt 2.

Since I got this Google phone the only thing I’ve used my Tilt 2 for is charging batteries people send me to test for batteryboss, my new project. Especially because of that I feel like it’s not cool of me to just let the sites fade out (even though I’d really like to). Because of Google’s goodness I have a sudden and extreme lack of interest in WinMo (and WinPho) and more importantly I can no longer write about things for software and hardware I no longer use. Some of the more important information on the sites is flashing-related and because of really needing to know the differences not just of the latest roms but the CE builds and all that crap and also needing to assure people to take my flashing advice because I can promise  them, having done it over and over myself and recently (which I haven’t lately), that they won’t brick their phones. You shouldn’t make a promise like that in the first place, but it’s really inappropriate if you don’t even use the same stupid phone.

What makes the most sense now is to attempt to hand over the keys to someone who still has the interest, the enthusiasm and, if possible, the writing style present in either or both of the sites; and to solicit offers to do that right here for someone willing and able to commit to taking them over.

What I’d want from you is an agreement to behave in general in terms of not posting either warez or XDA-like software whose authors made a stipulation against redistribution of their software (unless you get their permission), to cite any developers of any software you post, free or otherwise, be it a VGA Sense port or even just an AGPS registry tweak, along with links to their threads or websites and if they have one to their paypal link. Absolutely no encouragement, even subtle, of warez, including, obviously, torrent links or links to warez sites. No advertisements and no solicitations for donations either to you or to me, no accepting such offers when they’re made in any fanmail you get. Nothing but text on the page, HTML limited to color, anchors and HREFs. No javascript. No splitting the page up into multiple pages. No zipping up all the cabs for rapidshare. I’d give you all you need hosting-wise, though I’d insist on hosting it.

Sorry that was my biggest paragraph, things you cannot do (I bet a lot of you are now thinking why the hell would anyone agree to all of that for free), but if you want something constructive to do and you’d also like an audience, and if you’re a decent writer who’s not afraid of the occasional use of vulgarity and very light racial humor blended in somehow with cabs, this could be a good opportunity. So think it over, discuss it here a bit, and if you want to get down to business, use the contact form at the bottom of any of my sites. Anybody down? Anybody got a better exit strategy to suggest?

Almost forgot, if you’re a good writer (or even a bad writer but a prolific one), we could use you right here. That’s more valuable than any of this blownfuze stuff. But still, someone take this off my hands. Please.

Doug Simmons