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Bose Introduces SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

It occurs to me that I’ve never owned any Bose products, I’m not sure why. Over the years I’ve owned quite a bit in terms of audio like Creek, Denon, Sony and few other high and midrange companies products but never Bose. Anyway the Bose SoundLink is a Bluetooth speaker for the mobile crowd that offers up to eight hours of listening pleasure on a single charge. It can be used with most any Bluetooth device like you Android or iPhone or tablets like the iPad and others. Pricing is $299.95 for the standard versions or if you want leather trimmed then you’ll pay $349.95.



A New Kind of Audio

Bose engineers developed inventions to do something that hadn’t been done to date: reproduce full-range audio from a single, hand-held enclosure. The SoundLink® speaker’s audio impact defies its size. It combines four low-profile neodymium transducers for clear high- and mid-frequencies, with new dual-opposing passive radiators — designed with a patented waffle-shaped surround — for rich, deep, low notes. With the radiators placed in an opposing fashion, vibration is eliminated, turning the energy into acoustic power. The speaker’s audio package is complemented with sophisticated electronics, including Bose® digital signal processing algorithms, to reproduce instrument definition and detail at any volume.

A New Kind of Mobility

Delivering quality sound wasn’t enough: the SoundLink® Mobile speaker had to meet other rigid criteria to achieve its design goals. At less than two inches thick, and no bigger than an average book, it can easily fit in a bag, backpack or briefcase. For instant setup, its integrated cover unfolds into a stand. Open the cover, and the system is ready to be played. Close it, and the system shuts off. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery supplies power for more than three hours at high volume, and for more than eight hours at typical listening levels, making it ideal for the beach, park, party, home, or office.

A New Kind of Durability

The SoundLink® speaker is a road warrior. While no mobile device can endure every circumstance, the SoundLink® speaker was built to withstand the rigors of daily use like no other product in its category. It was tested in Bose environmental labs to resist salt-fog, sand, wind, and moisture. And using end-caps made from automotive-grade chrome, it will survive being dropped — repeatedly.

The Convenience of Wireless

The SoundLink® Mobile speaker features Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and a powerful antenna for a reliable wireless audio connection. Pairing takes moments, and wirelessly connecting to a smartphone or tablet is as easy as pressing one button on the speaker’s control panel. The six most recently used Bluetooth® devices are stored in memory, eliminating the need to pair again. And music can be streamed while texting, emailing or web-browsing.

Bluetooth speakers have been available before today, but we believe the SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker represents a step forward — a better experience,” said Roselli. “We also believe that people will reach for it again and again, and enjoy their music in ways and places they never imagined.”

Trim Options, Accessories, Availability

The SoundLink® Wireless Mobile speaker comes with a standard trim level and a dark gray Cordura® nylon cover for $299.95, or in the LX model, with a premium trim level and a dark brown leather cover for $349.95. Accessory covers in nylon (bright red or royal purple) and leather (burgundy or tan) are available separately for $29.95 and $49.95, respectively. The SoundLink® Mobile speaker and its accessory covers will be sold at Bose retail stores,, toll-free at 1-800-444-BOSE (2673) and at select authorized Bose dealers.

About Bose Corporation

Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, the company is primarily known for acoustics; however, its research has resulted in products for non-audio fields.

Bose inventions have improved the performance of:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Automotive music systems designed for the interior acoustics of each car model (first introduced by Bose)
  • Noise reducing headsets for pilots and the public (first introduced by Bose)
  • Sound in public spaces
  • The production of sound for musicians requiring electronic amplification of their instruments
  • Materials testing and durability simulation instruments for biomedical applications
  • Driver suspension systems for heavy-duty trucks




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