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Boxee Remote Hits WP7 Marketplace

Got Boxee? Got Windows Phone? OK, time for sweet sweet love.

If you love Boxee, you will love Boxee remote for your Windows phone 7 to control your media center. It’s simple, elegant and easy to use. With Boxee Remote running on your windows phone 7, you have full control of your Boxee. No more looking for traditional remote and no more fiddling with USB keyboard. Boxee Remote not only lets you navigate but sends text input directly to Boxee making sharing those videos with your comment a breeze.

Try it out. It’s the first release and a lot more would be coming soon. Please post your reviews and any feature requests you may have.

Trial mode is fully functional except that it doesn’t save your connection settings.

Want a video of it in action?

It’s $2 and as noted, there’s a trial mode.

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