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C-Spire Will Join The Samsung Galaxy S III List Of US Carriers

There was little doubt that all of the major US carriers were going to be jumping on the Samsung Galaxy S III  train after the huge success that the SGS2 was and how much noise the newest Sammy Flagship Device is getting. What we didn’t know was how many Regional US carriers would be getting the SGS3, and when. US Cellular has already committed, and now Southern Wireless Provider C-Spire, formerly Cellular South, is also saying “Me too.” With 4G LTE speeds C-Spire customers will have to wait a little bit longer just as we here in the United States had to while the device was released overseas first. No pricing or firm release date has been mentioned, but remember Sammy will take the wraps off their US Version June 20th in New York.

So add little ol’ C-Spire to the almost 300 worldwide carriers for the Samsung Galaxy S III and stay tuned as the US readies for the newest of the Android Army to invade!