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Cake Mania Main Street and Celebrity Chef Available for Windows Phones But Oddly Lacking Xbox Live Status

Cake Mania Main Street is now live in the Marketplace and it joins Cake Mania Celebrity Chef. The developer is RealNetworks and the publisher is GameHouse. That correlates to the Xbox Live titles Doodle Jump, Tiki Towers, Collapse, Sallys Salon and TextTwist 2 and while Cake Mania sees the same $2.99 price tag it lacks the Xbox Live integration and obvious publicity that comes with being an Xbox Live title. To be fair, Sallys Salon is a $5 title but even at that price it has more reviews than Collapse or Text Twist 2 so it’s likely doing better in Marketplace and Sallys Salon is similar in genre to Cake Mania. I think it’s a missed opportunity. Anyway, let’s get to Cake Mania Main Street since that’s the title that just hit today. Here’s the official description:

Grab a baker’s dozen of fun in the highly anticipated sequel to the hit series! Help Jill and her friends get Main Street buzzing once again. Main Street has turned into an avenue of deserted shops and closed storefronts thanks to Baker’s Corner, a new corporate mega mall. The days of families shopping in her old hangout are gone, but Jill isn’t about to give up yet. With healthy determination and lots of luck, Jill and her friends are about to undertake an impressive renovation project that will bring the shoppers back to Main Street. Jump into the cake mix with Jill and get the dough rolling once again. Purchase, open, manage and upgrade four unique shops like the Evans Bakery, Risha’s Flowers and Tiny’s Sumo Sushi. Bake cakes, create floral arrangements, serve 40 delicious recipes and more in 100 fast-paced levels. With hilarious new customers, fantastic upgrades and incredible tourist attractions to build, restoring Main Street will be the most rewarding challenge yet!

• Help Jill and friends restore Main Street in this fun Time Management Challenge.

• Purchase, open, manage and upgrade four unique shops in 100 fast-paced levels.

• Bake cakes, create floral arrangements, serve delicious recipes and more!

• Build incredible tourist attractions to bring the shoppers back to Main Street!

Want some video? Sure:

If the title is familiar it’s because it’s also an iPhone and Android title where it’s also $3. Anyway, it has one rave review so far so if you like the style of game go check it out and yes, there’s a free trial.