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Calm Your Ass Down

I was on WMPoweruser again, stumbled onto an article in which Surur offered a link to some sort of a petition to encourage Google to make some Windows Phone apps, suggesting that it was anticompetitive of Google not to (meaning, I believe, that Google may not want even more mobile competition and keeping their distance from the WP SDK is a means to that end). I don’t know if that’s deliberate on their part or if, as Schmidt has said, there is simply no room for Microsoft to compete here, so why should they blow resources into it as they have been with iOS, but I don’t see how anyone (who’s rational…) can disagree with Surur here who, like the rest of you, and me too, wants this platform to succeed (which is what it’s not doing).

So he posts this short article and, though I know Surur knew this would happen – but still, it shouldn’t — and boom, all his readers explode with absolutely vociferously vituperative anti-Google hatred. Every single comment I read was F Google, we don’t need their ad-infested evil spyware in exchange for our souls, Microsoft is better at everything they offer and F Google some more. I don’t even need to ask Surur if I can paste some of these comments because I cannot paste them here because they are just too profane.

People, firstly Surur is right that WP’s success stands to benefit if it had the same treatment by Google that iOS does (it certainly wouldn’t hurt, except your pride somehow I suppose), secondly you all obviously want WP to succeed so badly, that’s no secret, and yet you pile on to his suggestion to encourage Google to be helpful with this venom. Don’t you realize that makes no sense?

Not one of you noted something like “Well while I prefer such and such from Microsoft to Google’s crappy equivalent, yes it would be helpful, so let’s not be myopic folks.” Usually I find one or two of you being levelheaded, but not this time. Not one! The closest I found to someone making any kind of contrarian concession was that one guy sort of likes Google Talk but that’s it, the rest is garbage. Maybe, maybe not; but I’ll tell you what is garbage, your attitude.

Doug Simmons