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Can AT&T be behind the latest Marketplace calamity?


I am sure most of you have been reading about how Windows Phone Marketplace is experiencing problems with some apps not installing or updating properly on certain devices. Microsoft has narrowed the problem down to Gen 1 devices; Focus, LG Quantum, Surround, Arrive, HD7, Trophy, etc., that “did not” have Mango pre-installed. Apparently there is an issue with security certificates that were implemented when App Hub was recently overhauled. As a precaution, all new app and update submissions have been temporally halted. I can attest to that as I have been patiently waiting for some app updates issued by a developer to Microsoft on August 6th, that still have not been approved or rejected.

Some apps, including WhatsApp, Microsoft Translator and NY Times were cited as examples of apps that were recently updated and can’t currently be installed/updated on these Gen1 devices. When I read about this yesterday I decided to verify with my Gen 1 HTC Surround. Although I have Translator on my L900 (actually got an update for it the other day, with the new certificates I suppose) I never got around to installing it on the Surround. Found it, selected download, and a few seconds later it was installed on my “Gen1” phone. So how could that be.

Well…..I did force update my Surround to 8107 a few months back after waiting what seemed like forever for AT&T to fix my disappearing keyboard issue. My memory is not getting any better but I do recall that after the Mango update there was a minor update which included some “security certificates” that most carrier passed up. That was followed by 8107, the disappearing keyboard fix. So, could it be possible that only Gen1 devices NOT currently running 8107 are affected by this Marketplace bug? Does this make any sense? As AT&T has yet to release 8107, and they represent a large share of all Gen1 Windows Phone devices, my money is on the lack of 8107 (which includes the security certificate update) being the real culprit here.

Maybe there is finally a way to twist AT&Ts arm in getting 8107 out to the tens of thousands of users who have suffered with the disappearing keyboard bug for way too long. Then again, it is AT&T.

If you have a Gen 1 device with or without 8107 installed, maybe you can try to install one of the apps noted above and provide your results. Curious to know if I was just lucky or stumbled upon the real problem.