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Can giving up privacy be a good thing?

My job requires me to make trips occasionally, I’ve got one this week. This morning I cut my phone on and looked at my Google Now widget to see what the temperature was going to be like for today. I noticed that the forecast wasn’t for my current location, but for where I’m going to be going. Google accomplished this small feat by reading the email I cced my Gmail account when I booked my trip at work. I know that Google is also checking on my flights, and will inform me if there are any delays, or issues.

Some of you might read the above and have visions of Big Brother watching and tracking you. I don’t, and here is why. Back before smartphones had phones attached they were called Personal Digital Assists or PDAs for short. In order for an assistant to do a good job they have to know the person they are assisting. I’ve allowed Google to learn me, and as a result my smartphone/PDA is doing a great job. In short I don’t view Google as Big Bother spying on me, but as an assistant helping me with my daily life.

I know some of you feel that Google is too invasive, but really, how many of us have that much to hide? I’m not a spy and I’m not doing anything illegal. I might be embarrassed if some information got out, but not really harmed. So give in people, let go, share with Google, become a part of the collective. You’ll be glad you did.

 How nice is that, Google knows where I am, where I'm going, what the weather is like in both, and what I want to watch.
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