So, last week us Samsung Captivate users got a nice update to Gingerbread and after a couple days I noticed that I have better battery life now. Before the update I had to plug my phone in every night as it was about dead, but now I don’t have to. I can keep it on without charging for much longer, at least another half a day. I really didn’t measure it as I’m so accustomed to plugging it in every night. The other night I went to plug it in and saw I didn’t need to as I still had more than half battery left.  Did anyone else notice this or is it just me? The phone seems snappier and there are a few cosmetic changes but not much else that I’ve noticed. Then again I really don’t use my phone anymore for other than calls and checking email on the go. Oh, I did notice the built-in email app looks a lot like Gmail now. 

Speaking of updates, when you do the update it says that you will lose everything and the phone will be back to factory state. Mine didn’t do that, everything was still there after the update. That happen to anyone else?


On the downside though I keep getting a Force Close message for the Tethering App. I don’t have tethering so I have to ask why the heck is it trying to run all of the time and then crashing?! it doesn’t happen all of the time, just at random intervals and it’s always twice in a row that I get the message. I hit Force Close and then a second or two later it pops up again and I have to hit Force Close again. Then it disappears for a while until it feels like coming on again.


Oh well, just a few observations there…


  1. do you know if this update has been rooted yet? or wrapped up into a nice ROM I can flash? I want to update my dad’s captivate but I don’t want to loose root or have to flash stock bootloader or anything.

    Unless there’s a super easy one-click version out already lol

  2. My upgrade did just the opposite. It looses battery in 6 hours max. I had to install advanced task killer and kill other apps every hour and to my surprise, there are apps that open up on their own. The FORCE CLOSE tethering app message shows on my cpativate too after upgrade.

    Any suggestions on how to save the battery?

  3. factory data reset yet? if not, that may clear up all your issues. also, you may have one or two misbehaving apps that are causing all your issues. if this happens still after a factory data reset, then I would think that you have a misbehaving application installed.

  4. I have actually experienced the complete opposite as you. I have noticed that my battery life has decreased significantly since I upgraded my Captivate to Gingerbread.

    I used to be able to charge my phone in the evening, unplug it before I go to bed and then not have to charge it until the following evening again. Now I have to leave my phone plugged in all night because if I don’t it will be nearly dead by morning.

    I have also noticed that occasionally my phone seems to send my data over 3G even when I’m connected to Wi-Fi.

    Also, I get the tethering problem too.

  5. by visitinga0Samsung&#8217 With news of Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Tab gtneitg a Gingerbread update rolling out today, more good news has come our way. Samsung has now released the Kernel source code

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