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Carbon Audio’s Zooka Bluetooth Speaker for iPad

zooka-speakers-ipad-blackI have used a lot of BT Speakers for my smartphones and  tablets and have had mixed feelings with them. Usually the sound is not that great and they are  a pain to carry around. Today, however Carbon Audio announced the Zooka BT Speaker for the iPad that looks pretty cool. The Zooka has a removable kickstand that adds some functionality to the device and is said to “project” sound. The Zooka is a little pricey at $99.99 but if the sound works as good as Carbon Audio says it would be well worth it. The only downside to the Zooka is for folks using covers or cases for their iPad. It would have to be removed to make use of this speaker.

Among the key features and benefits of Zooka:

  • Extraordinary sound quality – Zooka gives listeners a concert hall experience, significantly enhancing music, movies, games and more.
  • Wireless Bluetooth mobility – Zooka can "project" sound through wireless Bluetooth, allowing the speaker to be moved up to 30 feet away from the parent device.
  • Built-in microphone – Zooka turns your iPad into a high-quality speakerphone enhancing use with Skype, FaceTime and other communication software.
  • Unique patented design – Zooka slides onto the edge of an iPad or MacBook without inhibiting the use of the camera.
  • Removable kickstand – Zooka allows your iPads to stand up, perfect for watching videos.