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Carbon Twitter App Available for Windows Phone

There are lots of options for Twitter apps for any platform and Windows Phone is no exception. I have been using Mehdoh after trying Seesmic and Birdsong. Of course the official Twitter app is on my Titan too. But if you are not happy or longing for more out of your Twitter app for Windows Phone then check out Carbon developed by  dot1ne and published by Yalla Apps. Carbon was only just released on 2/11/12 and I the first day it has gotten a lot of positive comments including from the guys here at Mobility Digest.:

Big news, Carbon for WP finally made it thru certification and it immediately replaced Mehdoh for me. 
The android version should be out soon too.

From what I read and saw in the screenshots, it does look good. But I am a casual Twitter user, so no multiple accounts, no reason to pin more than one tile to my Home screen, etc. For a Power Twitter user though, it looks like most everything is covered.

When the trial becomes available, I will give it a fair shake and see what it offers, based on my needs. If it is that much better, no problem parting with $1.99. But honestly, except for replacing the color coordinated tile (should be green, like the app slash screen) not really looking for anything new from Mehdoh, or any other Twitter client.

So if you are looking for a better Twitter app or just something different, check out Carbon for $1.99.

We’ve got you covered in Multi Account support, Read Later, Image Upload, Custom URL shortening, Threaded Direct Messages and image & video Previews right in the app.

And, Push Notifications are coming soon, real soon!