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Carbon Twitter App For WP Gets a Major Update: Trial Mode, Video Previews, Quote Tap and More

When Carbon dropped for Windows phones it’s like the world stood silent as the masses went to download it. Of course, there were cries as it was missing a trial mode wit a $2 price tag but despite that it has 119 ratings and a solid 4.5 rating. Well expect that to go up. Let’s just take a look at their latest blog post:

Twelve days later our update makes it to the Marketplace. Submitted on Feb 15, published on Feb 27.

We cut some corners in v.1.1 when we implemented Timeline Inline Images which in turn affected scrolling smoothness, we fixed that in this version and rewrote most of the Timeline to improve performance.

Video Previews

Yep, so we had Inline full Images right on the Timeline, this version brings YouTube video previews to Timeline, that’s right! Check it out…

Quote Tap

We demoed this in a short Video a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s there, so apart from double-tapping on tweets for Quick Reply mode, now you can tap on tweets using Two Fingers to start a quick Quote mode for you to quickly quote a tweet right from the Timeline w/o leaving to another screen.

Bug Fixes & Changes
  • Read It Later bug that failed to save links to Read It Later service
  • Timeline context menu bug
  • Camera share bug that did not select pictures from Pictures hub
  • Broken image upload
  • List Timelines on Quickline Bug where it didn’t load older Tweets when tapping on “More”
  • Minor changes & bug fixes with Live Tiles
  • Default Image service changed to Twitpic instead of Twitter(to be reverted back soon)
  • Quickline bug that did not load all of the lists
  • General cache, and storage fixes/enhancements
  • Smoother Timeline scrolling experience and faster image fetching
Trial Mode

We launched without a Trial Mode, been grilled for that every now and then, we were divided between having an ad-supported Trial and a Limited app for Trial. We ended up going with Limited choice and avoided Ads, we hate ads.

You can check it out here in Marketplace.

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