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Cartridge: A Classic Platformer Comes To Windows Phones

Even in a world filled with slick 3D renderings there will always be a place for classic platformers and when they’re done right there’s nothing more addictive. Cartridge is a free game for Windows Phones that has sharp graphics but is clearly reminiscent of the classics and that’s why it’s off to a strong start in the Marketplace. Come on you got the gold coins, turtles, the classic boxes…memories. Anyway, here’s the official description:

After his father is kidnapped by Glitch, the tyrant bird king, Cartridge the tiger cub sets out on a great adventure to bring him home.

Cartridge is a platformer inspired by classic Nintendo games such as Mario, Metroid, and Megaman. You will collect coins, gain power-ups, toss acorns, defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and journey through a beautiful world of 48 interconnected levels.

Can you defeat the tyrant bird king? Can you rescue your father? Can you find all six bonus stages?

Includes a “Quick Play” mode that randomly shuffles through levels you’ve finished. How long can you survive?

It’s at 4.5 stars right no and appears to be a solid game all around. You can check it out here in the Marketplace.

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