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Google Buzz Revisited Yet Again

I’m telling you, this thing is not just a gimmick to screw around with while you’re on the can (though it’s great for that too). Last weekend my ol’ lady and I were stranded in downtown Dallas because American Airlines sucks so remarkably at getting people to and from Santa Fe for their romantic getaway. Anyway I had some time to kill so naturally I fired up Google Maps and buzzed, “i’m a tourist, what’s good here?” And just like that, I found out what was good there. Pic unrelated.

Kelly buzzed back first, “T&a have fun.” Sadly I no longer can ethically access that market (nor did I see any sign of said T&A — but I suppose that’s Craigslist’s department). No problem because Kevin hooked me up with more info: “Check out lower Greenville Ave for some great pubs (Olde Monk is a favorite), Uncle Julio’s for fantastic mexican, and Deep Ellum or Bishop Arts district for the more ‘excentric’ side of Dallas.” Not bad, right? Nice guy. Then Steven followed up with “Don’t park at taco cabana they will tow ur car fast!!” Jerry chimed in, “Campisis pizza on main at stone street is the best pizza. And mckinney ave tavern has karaoke on the weekends.” Chris suggested we “Come see comedy at Dallas Comedy House” and Slackerlack noted there being an array of Mexican joints off 75. Not to be outbuzzed our own Matt Chapman reflected on his barhopping and clubbing days on Elm Street, but nothing worth quoting verbatim.

By the time I was done messing around with Google Buzz we had to go back to the airport (a mistake, hit another delay, six hours this time) so we didn’t do any of those things but in an effort not to let their advice die in vain I’m leaving this here to illustrate that even in when you’re laid over in a sad and desolate town because you flew American, if you ever need help killing the time and you’re hungry, just send up a flare with Google Buzz and you’re covered. Speaking of Dallas, if you stand right next to the AT&T building, I mean really really close, you can get a blazing 1.4Mbit/s speed test on your phone. Now that is a sight for any New Yorker to see.

Doug Simmons


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