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Chicken’s Can’t Fly Is Live In Marketplace–And I Purchased It Already

When Chickens Can Dream (the prequel to Chicken’s Can’t Fly) was released I was really into it. At the time I wrote:

The look and play are top notch. Everything is smooth and slick and it has a ton of replay potential. It has the feeling of a game that you want to master and once you get a good hang for the controls you’ll give up a lot of sleep to get through the next level. OK, now let me get back to it because I need to get higher on the global leaderboard before the rest of you start playing.

Now the sequel is out in the form of an Xbox Live game and they’ve added substantially on the original idea. There’s still a way to paly where the goal is to simply get as far as you can but there are also levels now with goals to meet. Based on how hooked I was on the original one I’ve purchase Chicken’s Can’t Fly already. If you want to know what it looks like, check this out:

It’s $3 with a free trial and I can’t wait to have some free time to play.