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Chickens Can Dream Is Out For WP7

There’s been an anticipated title called Chickens Can’t Fly from Amused Sloth and they’ve just released a prequel to it as a teaser (and to get some feedback) called Chickens Can Dream and it’s free. You have to navigate the chicken through the saws and blades and everything else that comes up. You tilt the phone to move, slow down when you tap walls and you can flap your wings to slow down or use power ups to go faster. Here’s their description:

The Mystic Rooster can see the grim future of the chicken race.
And in that future, YOU are the scientist!
Gently guide the chickens through a pit of obstacles and dangers, either to avoid them, or to see how effective they are. Try to keep the chicken alive as long as possible, or try to see in how many ways you can terminate it.
Check facts on the facts-list to show how good of a scientist you are!
* Over 30 facts to check, with more coming soon
* Diverse obstacles to overcome: circular saws, flame throwers, boots-on-a-stick and others
* 10 power-ups to help you (slow time, corn magnet, indestructoid) or hinder you (confused controls, parasite worm, sausage, booze)
* Now with 68% more chicken than our competitors
* Get your place on the global highscores!

The look and play are top notch. Everything is smooth and slick and it has a ton of replay potential. It has the feeling of a game that you want to master and once you get a good hang for the controls you’ll give up a lot of sleep to get through the next level. OK, now let me get back to it because I need to get higher on the global leaderboard before the rest of you start playing.