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Clean Yo Damn Dupes! .. with VisiPics

If you’ve got a camera, a porn hording addiction or both, odds are you have a million billion duplicate images floating around. It would be oh so loverly to clear out the dupes, innit. Problem is, a lot of these images, 18.2% specifically, while perfectly identical to some chump jive turkey, are slightly different from one another so you cannot rely on a hash-checking tool like DupFinder to scoop out the dupes, am I right?

And even if you could, you’ve got to worry that it will make a bad decision on whether to delete the image that’s higher in resolution or file size (higher res but smaller size implies upsampling, yuck), deleting the one without the damn watermark or deleting the one on which you spent hours performing the infamous Photoshop xray effect. That leaves doing it manually – yeah right Charlie!

Enter VisiPics. You can set this thing’s comparative strictness, its fuzzy math of how slightly different the pictures are allowed to deviate from each other, you dig? Sho’ nuff you dig that.

You can set that sucker your damn self I said. You slide the slider. It goes up and down. Intuitive, straight out of Apple’s playbook.

When you add your folders and hit go, on the left you see the dupes it finds, side by side, and which it, if you set it to automatically decide, it intends to delete if you give it the green light. So you can mouseover these pictures to eyeball for yourself if it made the right call or if you should adjust it, and when you’re done, bam! Byebye dupes.

Grab it here, fall in love with it, clean yo damn dupes, start to feel guilty that you’re getting this miracle for free then hit the Help menu to donate the guy a few bucks (Ozone Grif). If you ask him to let you have the source code ‘cuz you’re into that, he just might oblige. Ahh, screw it, this review is pretty pathetic and the humor is falling flat, I’ll donate a couple dollars euro now and get the guy’s attention that I wrote a schpeel on his software, begging him to comment in the thread so the site appears, briefly, as if it gets a modicum of traffic.

Doug Simmons