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Silverlight Enhanced Movies Coming to WP7

As we’ve discussed, WP7 is running Silverlight 4 – not a light version, but the full version. And with that come all of the goodies MS has to offer for Silverlight. Channel9 is showing off a video of Silverlight Enhanced Movies. Think of this as getting all of the niceties of a DVD in a streaming or downloadable form so you can do scene selection, commentary, subtitles…pretty much anything a DVD/Blue-ray can do except it’s in a downloadable or streaming fashion.  It scales to the performance/resolution of the device and seems to open up the doors for more players aside from just Netflix. It’s also cross-platform and works for both PCs and Macs – oh and WP7. “We are working hard to have SLEM be available on several mobile form factors including our very own Windows Phone 7 devices.” By the way, SLEM is Silverlight Enhanced Movies:) So hopefully this means that we’ll be seeing a Movie section in Marketplace to download or stream full movie releases. Netflix is good and all but their streaming content is limited. Let’s see what MS has in store for SLEM and let’s try to make sure that means I can start a movie on my TV (as we discussed here), watch more on my PC and then finish it on my phone.