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Upgrade To eWallet 7.0 For $10.00

One of my “must have” applications has always been eWallet from Ilium Software. eWallet helps you keep all your private information safe and secure and makes entering and backing up this information easy with their PC Desktop application that comes with eWallet 7.0.

With this release, upgrading just got easier! For a single upgrade of just $10.00, you can use eWallet on any Windows Mobile device, BlackBerry, Windows PC, laptop or Windows netbook you use. And you’ll get a preview of our upcoming Mac OS X version.

So if you switch to one of the devices listed above in the future, or use more than one of the listed devices, you can use eWallet on them all. No extra versions. No extra purchases. Because when you upgrade eWallet, it’s for you, not your device.*

eWallet 7.0 adds many great features, including a completely redone Windows PC version. You can read about them all on the Ilium Software Website or just CLICK HERE.

You can get eWallet 7.0 for the special price of just $10.00, and use eWallet on all the devices listed above.

Upgrade to eWallet 7.0 now

If you already own eWallet on an iPhone or iPod touch, the iPhone eWallet 7.0 upgrade is free and available through the iTunes App Store.