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Compairing Nokia 521 Camera vs Nikon D5100 Camera

Here recently my family went on vacation to St Louis, MO. I took my T-Mobile Nokia 521 and my wife took our Nikon D5100 Camera.

I wanted to compare the quality difference between the 2 devices. Yes I know the Nikon D5100 is a professional grade camera but hey any gadget freak like myself still wanted to see just because.

During our trip we went to the Arch, Grant’s Farm, Budweiser Plant, City Museum, Magic House, and on our way back home we stopped at Graceland (Elvis Presley’s Mansion).

We had a great time seeing the fun but I still wanted to compare the cameras. I chose one day light picture and one indoor low light picture showing the same thing.

Before I give the answer can you spot which one is the Nokia 521 and which one is Nikon D5100:

Daylight comparing of the famous Louis and Clark statue flooded on the Missouri River:

Daylight Picture 1

Louis and Clark 1

Daylight Picture 2

Louis and Clark 2

Next is the indoor Low light comparing of the statue inside the Arch salute to the architect and builders of the Arch:

Inside Low Light Picture 1

Arch 1

Inside Low Light Picture 2

Arch 2

I am going to wait 7 days for users to post their answer on which is which before I post the true picture of Nokia 521 and Nikon D5100.

I also plan on sending this to Nokia and Microsoft PR to see what their answers are as well. As always I will post their responses unless they join in on the comments below.