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Conquistador–Classic Role Playing Game Available for Windows Phones

When I look at this title I have flashbacks to the early days of video games…you know, when they were really good. Here’s their full description of the game:

Conquistador is a strategy adventure game for Windows Phone 7. You will take on the role of a Spanish Conquistador in 1518, and you must command an expedition into the Aztec lands. Your expedition will face many dangers in the land that would later become Mexico, and you must choose how to deal with the Aztecs and the native tribes: will you be a diplomatic and open-minded envoy, or will you be a ruthless conqueror? You will soon be forced to take sides in an old conflict and perhaps eventually determine the fate of the Aztec civilization.

Conquistador is a game about exploration and resources. As the leader of the expedition, you must keep your people fed, healthy, and in good spirits while discovering new lands and villages and dealing with unpredictable events and situations. To succeed, you must learn how to choose the best man or woman for every job, and what to do when things don’t go according to plan.

I like their other description on their blog as well: “it’s a turn-based strategy/adventure hybrid roleplaying game reminiscent of those old choose-your-own-adventure books, only instead of one big branching story you’ve got a whole bunch of small ones connected by a hex-based world map with resource management. The fact that I can’t come up with a shorter way to describe the game that still does it justice is probably both its weakness and its strength. If nothing else, I can guarantee you that you’ve never seen anything like it on a mobile platform.”

Well that’s more than enough info. If this is a genre that interests you it’s available here and there’s a free trial or it’s yours to own for $5.