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Control Your Audio – Front Or Rear Speaker Switch

Here’s a really great little application that lets you control if the audio from your phone goes to the rear speaker or the front (phone piece) speaker. I tried it out on my Fuze and it worked as promised switching audio from Windows Media Player to my phones speaker which is great because I get my voicemails in the form of mp3’s and whenever I play them the whole world used to hear them (notice the use of the past tense?:)). This can also be used for Skype and other VOIP calls on your phone though and it’s probably useful enough to be mapped to a physical key (or at least added to your Start menu).Once you switch the audio between the speakers it remains that way even if the application is closed (it runs in the background) but the switch does not survive a soft reset.  I haven’t played with it long enough yet but the developer’s blog states "It just runs for 10 minutes" so if anyone figures out what that means please share. I have emailed the developer and if I get a response I will update this post.

This is the work of Daniel Alvarez and the software (called AudioSwitch) can be downloaded here from his blog. The download is a zip file which contains an .exe. file which you just need to copy to your phone and run – there is no cab or installation process so just run the .exe and the application turns on.

Via WMPowerUser

UPDATE: The 10 minutes means that for 10 minutes it routes everything to that speaker. I found that out when I got a phone call and the sound came from the earpiece and not the rear speakerphone so this application is redirecting all sound and is not application specific.