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Cool live wallpaper for Android

While I was stumbling through my daily news adventure I saw this awesome Live wallpaper for Android I wanted to share with you guys.  This was over at and they say it only costs around a dollar if it’s something that interest you.  The wallpaper is fully customizable according to Engadget which offers a bit of functionality in a wallpaper.  Supposedly the thing packs Wifi, bluetooth and GPS status lights along with a binary clock and other goodies like spinning fans and what-nots.  This is one of the coolest live wallpapers I’ve seen, not only for its geek factor, but the additional functionality of status info without the use of widgets.  This can certainly clean up anyone’s Android home screen.  Assuming you’re on the binary bandwagon I would personally recommend rocking the wallpaper and nothing else on your homescreen.  I’m on WinMo, so not too sure on screen res compatibility.  Anyone with Android want to give this thing a go?  Let us know what you think.